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FAQs - Cemetery Rules & Regulations. How do I find out what I can place on my lot?
All cemeteries in Ontario are required to have a set of Bylaws or Rules & Regulations that must be filed with the Ontario Cemetery Registrar's office. Some Bylaws are very simple, while others are very complex. In most cemeteries, you cannot simply put up whatever you want. You have to play by the rules set out in the bylaws or regulations.

As of July 1, 2012, Ontario laws for cemeteries, require the cemetery to provide information in writing, to the registered lot owner, that tells you the type and size of memorial that will be allowed along with any other requirements for the memorial that will be allowed on your lot. It is very helpful if you bring this sheet along when you visit, but if you forget your info sheet, it is not a problem. We can look up the information in our regulations binders and / or we can contact the cemetery to find out what you will be allowed to put on your lot for a memorial.