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  • Mrs. Timothy Eaton's Garden Bench before restoration
    Mrs. Timothy Eaton's Garden Bench before restoration
    This bench was imported from Italy by Mrs. Timothy Eaton and it was broken and sitting in pieces when we were asked to do the restoration. At some point in time the bench was painted white, but under all the paint, was a gorgeous piece of pink Italian marble. We repaired the broken pieces, cleaned off the paint and repolished the bench to it's original splendor.

    Shortly after we delivered and installed the bench, we were contacted by the owner. He wanted the bench repainted in white, as this was the way that the family all remembered the bench when it was in Mrs. Eaton's garden.
  • Mrs. Timothy Eaton's Garden Bench
    Mrs. Timothy Eaton's Garden Bench
    The marble garden bench fully restored and repainted now stands as a beautiful focal point in the garden, at the home of Mrs. Eaton's nephew.
  • Elmira Soldier WWI
    Elmira Soldier WWI
    During the early months of 2012, this marble statue arrived at our shop for a full restoration. The bayonet, part of the rifle, and a section of his nose were missing. A previous cleaning with inappropriate chemicals had caused a severe erosion and a loss of detail in the carvings.

    The statue was pieced back together, replacements for the missing parts were made, and the entire statue was recarved to restore the facial features and clothing details. Due to the fragile condition of the restored statue, a permanent indoor home was created in the Woolwich Memorial Arena and the rededication ceremony was held on Oct 28th, 2012.